Rebirthel Co., Ltd. was founded in October, 2019.
Rebirthel aims to realize cell-based therapies against cancer or other immune-related diseases by using universal
T cells that are regenerated from pluripotent stem cells.
The strategy is based on methods developed by myself, Dr. Hiroshi Kawamoto (Kyoto University).

It has been shown to be effective to transfuse genetically engineered T cells that had originally been collected from patients.
However, such “autologous” settings have faced problems: costly, time-consuming, and dependent on the quality of the T cells themselves (from the patients).
To solve these problems, Rebirthel provides “off-the-shelf T cells” that can be universally used with any patients in an allogeneic setting.

Pluripotent stem cells such as iPS (induced pluripotent stem) cells or ES (embryonic stem) cells have the potential to produce various types of tissues/organs.
Rebirthel has already established a method by which potent killer T cells can be produced in vitro from iPS cells.
Using this method, Rebirthel is now developing a strategy where tumor antigen-specific T cells are mass-produced and transfused to patients as off-the-shelf T cells.

Certain types of T cells play the role of commander of immune cells, while other types serve as strong warriors.
Therefore, if we can produce different types of T cells - such as killer T cells, helper T cells, or regulatory T cells - covering a wide range of target antigens, we can provide therapeutic T cells targeting any kind of disease related to the immune system (e.g. cancer, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, allergies, etc.).

Rebirthel opens the way to a future when patients go to hospital to receive transfusion of T cells to treat their disease.


Rebirthel Co., Ltd.
Room 304, Creation Core Kyoto Mikuruma, 448-5,
Kajii-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 602-0841 Japan
Oct 1st, 2019
Capital stock
30,000,000 JPY
Hiroh Saji
Hiroshi Kawamoto
Development and operationalization of cell-based cancer immunotherapies

Business Summary

Rebirthel operationalizes cell-based cancer immunotherapies developed by Professor Hiroshi Kawamoto (Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences, Kyoto University).
Rebirthel will provide “universal” cytotoxic T lymphocytes regenerated from pluripotent stem cells, to be used as “off-the-shelf T cells” in cancer immunotherapy.

Company history

January 2016
Regcell Co., Ltd. founded by Dr. Shimon Sakaguchi
April 2016
Hiroshi Kawamoto joined Regcell. Regcell aims to realize cell therapy using regulatory T cells or killer T cells.
May 2017
Regcell allocated new shares to third party and increased capital to six million USD
August 2017
Regcell allocated new shares to third party and increased capital to two hundred thousand USD
October 2019
Rebirthel Co., Ltd. founded by dividing Regcell into Regcell and Rebirthel.
Rebirthel continued all projects and intellectual properties related to killer T cells.


Rebirthel develop novel method for T cell therapy and provides “off-the-shelf T cells” against cancer.

(1) Killer T cells regenerated from HLA-matched iPS cells(1) Killer T cells regenerated from HLA-matched iPS cells

Transferred cells will immediately be rejected if the HLA haplotype does not match to that of the recipient.
In the regenerative medicine field, induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells stock projects have been promoted where iPS cells that have been produced from healthy donors carrying the same HLA haplotype in both mother and father-derived alleles.
The cells/tissues regenerated from such iPS cells are expected to be transplanted to recipients who have the same HLA haplotype of at least one allele without inducing a severe rejection reaction.
At present, the most frequent four iPS cell lines are available from the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (Kyoto University), covering 35% of the Japanese population.
We transduce these iPS cells with exogenous TCR and regenerate killer T cells from these iPSCs. Such regenerated T cells will be given to the patients in a HLA homo-to-hetero transfusion setting.

(2) Killer T cells regenerated from HLA-deleted iPS/ES cells(2) Killer T cells regenerated from HLA-deleted iPS/ES cells

When the HLA genes of iPS cells are deleted, cells/tissues regenerated from such HLA-null-iPS cells can be transplanted to any patient.
This strategy can be applied not only for iPS cells but also for ES cells.


OP9 cell line and its genetically modified derivatives

Rebirthel has succeeded all rights of the OP9 cells from Dr. Hiroaki Kodama (who originally established the OP9 cell line).
You are required to obtain a license from Rebirthel for commercial use of the OP9 cell line or its derivatives.

OP9 cells


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