Hiroshi Kawamoto is a professor at Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences (inFront) ,
working on the basic research that aims to clarify molecular mechanisms of lineage commitment in hematopoiesis/lymphopoiesis, as well as on the study for the development of immune cell therapy using T cells regenerated from ES/iPS cells.

He graduated from Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University,in 1986, and worked as a physician in hospital for three years.

He took his doctor course in Hematology Department of Kyoto University from 1989, and then joined Prof. Yoshimoto Katsura’s laboratory in Chest Disease Research Institute (currently IFMS) from 1994 to 2001 as a visiting researcher, where he started to study the early hematopoiesis and T cell development.

In 2001, He became an assistant professor of Prof. Nagahiro Minato’s laboratory in Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University.

He was then promoted to be a team leader of RIKEN Research Center for Allergy and Immunology, Yokohama, in 2002.

In RIKEN, in parallel with the basic research,
he has started the study on regenerative medicine.

He moved to Kyoto University in 2012.