NEWS 2022.3.3 Rebirthel won the Kyoto University Award at 3rd Kyoto University LifeScience Showcase 2022 @ San Diego

Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University has its research center on the campus of University of California, San Diego. To encourage the operationalization of research seeds and technologies developed at Kyoto University, the center organizes various events where Kyoto University-origin venture companies can consult or have business negotiations with domestic and oversea investors.

Rebirthel participated in the online event “3rd Kyoto University LifeScience Showcase 2022 @ San Diego” on March 3rd, 2022. There were 16 participants and 4 sessions. In session 1 titled “Immunology and infectious diseases”, Professor Hiroshi Kawamoto, an executive director of Rebirthel, made the presentation and won the Kyoto University Award.

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