NEWS , メディア 2021.8.18 Rebirthel was introduced on the web magazine “Nikkei Biotechnology & Business”

“The dictionary of Biotech Startups in Japan 2021-2022” which covers over 400 bio venture companies was published in June 2021. The news site “Nikkei Biotechnology & Business” is posting a serial article “Lineup of companies on The dictionary of Biotech Startups in Japan 2021-2022” to introduce these companies. Rebirthel appears in the article entitled “Rebirthel and Thyas: Development of universal T cell therapies using iPS cell”.

The article explains that many startup companies are conducting researches to produce functional cells from iPS cells and apply iPS cell technology to drug screening. The development of universal iPS cells, which are produced by knocking out human leukocyte antigen (HLA), is the most focused technology. Rebirthel was introduced as one of leading companies on this field together with Thyas and Megakaryon Corporation.

Link to the article (Only in Japanese)

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